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The Alt Haus is a simple space to be, to think, to dream, to create, to rest.

A place for writers and solo explorers to stay.

Located on the high moor of the Penwith peninsula

at the westernmost end of Cornwall.

Wild and raw, circled by massive views of land and sea and sky.



"I stayed a week in The Alt Haus, writers' cabin in November 2022. I needed time to re-set and begin a new project without work or domestic interruptions. The cabin is set in a garden which overlooks St Michael's Mount on one side and borders the moor on the other. The tranquility is palpable - the light is unique and I was able to breathe and think and write. The cabin itself has everything a writer needs: desk, comfy chair to sit and read and even comfier bed. It has neat cooking facilities and its own surprisingly powerful shower, plus a cute woodburner with plenty of wood to stay cosy. But it's the natural environment and the solitude (with access to Penzance when needed) and the amazing light that makes The Alt Haus a perfect writing retreat. Highly recommended."

Mez Packer, writer

"My week at The Alt Haus was nothing less than magical. Every morning I climbed down the ladder from my mezzanine sleep to see the sea, St Michael’s Mount, horses and hares running circles. It’s a perfect spot for writing: the cabin has great lighting and insulation, a stove setup and all the right furnishing to shift between reading and writing. I spent afternoons exploring all the quoits and stones of the moors, listening to summer bees, walking to Penzance, reading in the company of cows a few fields away. I cherished the feeling of being inside-outside, cosy but also in the realm of adventure. The skies were huge, magnetic and ever-changing: they totally opened my mind. 

The cabin feels remote enough that you could, if you wished, make a nest of your days there and really get deep into something; but also you’re only a bus ride away from the bustle of St Ives, or the cafes, pubs and independent shops of Penzance. Plenty of writerly lore, art history and geological intrigue enriches the local area, and the cabin is well-stocked with books on the matter. I completely fell in love with the flora and fauna of the moors, the sense of quiet intimacy, the infinite ferns. Rebecca ensured I felt totally welcome and was close at hand if I needed anything. I wrote loads of poems here and will remember my stay forever."


Maria Sledmere, The Grammarsow 2022 poet in residence 

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